First Class Pass $10 Drop-in Classes $13 10 Class Pass $100 5 Class Pass $55 Unlimited Monthly  $90/month with 3 month contract

Yoga for Mind, Body, and Soul

Strengthen your body, calm your mind, and awaken to a new, more-at-peace self. Our styles include Yoga Basics, Vinyasa Yoga, Hot Yoga, Yoga Basics with a Restorative Flow, Power Yoga, and Core Vinyasa Heated.


    First Class $10 for everyone!

    $13: Drop-In Classes

    $30: Half-Hour Private Session

    $55: 5 Class Pass good 4 months

    $100: 10 Class Pass good 5 months

    Our Location

    422.5 5th Street Columbus, Indiana
    (812) 374-7536

    Yoga of Many Kinds

    Our styles include Yoga Basics, Vinyasa Yoga, Power Yoga, Hot Yoga, Heated Core Vinyasa, Yoga Basics and Restorative Flow. To decide which style is right for you, click the Description of Classes Tab on the top of the Home Page.

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